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Ferrari Italia 458

Ferrari Italia 458

The Ferrari 458 Italia was created for the passionate driver who lives for thrill of the ride. The design of the 458 Italia is based around superior high-performance technology and race ability. This exotic car rental was made to create a symbiotic relationship between both car and driver, molding them into one complete unit. This two-seater, road manipulator, was a perfect vision formulated around an exceptional aerodynamic design. It has an entirely new form and is engineered to reach a maximum of 9,000 rpm, a first on any road automobile. This equates to an outstanding power output of 127 CV, setting the bar for any other brands in search of reaching comparability in its class. The specific torque outputs of each design ensures rapid pick up and speeds. This machine is based upon performance, and extensive thought and research were implemented in its construction.  This is everything from the nose of this road monster, to its sills, oil radiators, dual clutch, front-mounted coolant radiators, triple exhaust tail pipes, and small aero-elastic winglets have been strategically placed to reduce drag and generate down force

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